Product from chile

Farmed mussels from patagonia

From Chiloé Island, at the Chilean North Patagonian Sea, mussels are farmed and processed, cooked, and frozen, a product ready to enjoy it. See all formats and experience pure mussels. Simple, tasty, healthy.

+ proteins
+ vitamins
+ minerals

boiled or microwave unfrozen

Easy to serve

The best way to serve is to thaw the pack a few hours before, then put it on a pan until your wanted temperature (mussels are frozen with their own water content, so after thawing, we recommend to use that content to improve flavor). You can also rush the process and boil the same plastic pack until your wanted temperature and then serve. Microwave is also an option but be careful to not overcook the product.

farm location

Located in Dalcahue, a small town near the farming area. Farmed by Sociedad Proa Ltda., farm N°103758, Chiloé, Chile.

  • Species

    Mytilus chilensis

  • Duration

    24 months

  • Glazed


  • Frozen t°


Nutrition Facts

Amount per 100 g of product

  • Calories (Kcal)

  • 99

  • Total Fat (g)

  • 1.7

  • Protein (g)

  • 15.6

  • Sodium (mg)

  • 519

  • Total Carbohydrate (g)

  • 5.3

Premium mussel size

Packed in 500gr and 1kg bags

  • 40/60

    units per kilogram

    in shell

    vacuum pack


healthy food

+ proteins + vitamins + minerals